Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Shepherdoo One City USJ

I tried googling up the meaning of this word " Shepherdoo", i just couldn't find it.Definitely originating from the word shepherd, i guess, the 2 guys who founded this restaurant wanted to guide us to some great food and i'm sure they have.

Shepherdoo started off in Klang in 2009 offering Latin American cuisine, and then opened their second in One City couple of years back. We saw their offer on Groupon on decided to try this place out, having rave reviews on their drinks , pizza's and tapas.

They have two floors in case you want open air dining , you can head upstairs.

Deco was simple, with a small bar at the entrance and open view kitchen for us to look at what chefs where whipping up.

My little one took a seat and started counting. First thing she said was, " There is 32 vegetarian dishes!!" Haha, My face was glowing up like a light bulb. Carpe diem!

There were many sections in the menu, so you might get confused if you are a newbie to Latin Food.
They had tapas, which is like starters, ie smaller portions , and funnily they had a section on top that gave" options of what to order" while we are deciding on " what to order".

Look out for all those Green signs. They are all meatless options :-)

In the Tapas, starters and snack section itself, there was so many varieties to choose from, we really didn't know where to start.

We decided on trying out few options, first up : Patatas Bravas ( RM10.90).

It was spicy , tangy but the kids loved it. Something in that dish made put them in the" finger licking good " mood. The potatoes were so well cooked and the spring onions added the necessary crunch and taste.

Next was Nachos and Pizzas. Pizza is one of their signature dish. And indeed it was splendid. It was thin crust , smooth but not crispy.It just slide down the throats faster than a speeding bullet. The kids went," we want more". :-)
We got the Pizza De Mexicana (RM15.90) (Ball peppers and Cheese) and Pizza De Queso( Rm14.50)( Cheese). Both were meatless options.

Nachos ( RM18.50) was really tasty - although not as cheesy and sinful as the ones you get is places like Souled Out, toppings aside, these nachos crisps was one of the best i've tasted. It had a mild "paprika flavour"  and topped with lovely salsa and cheese sauce. They have two options. One is for sharing and one mini option ( Rm12.50)

Apart from these , they have main meals, salads, fajitas and many more meatless options for you to try out.

Ragu ordered the Mexican Buffalo wings ( Rm16.90) and definitely didn't taste the usual. It was smothered with hot sauce but had a soury tanginess to it. Speaking to the restaurant manager, she mentioned that this dish was hit-or-miss item. Some people love that difference in taste. The more conservative shy away. Ragu licked it clean.

To quench our thirst , kids had Choco Banana smoothie and a Berry fizz, while me and Ragu had cocktails and beer.

In my opinion, this is one great place to come if you have vegetarians in your dining party and want to give them lots of choices..

Why don't you try and let me know how it goes...

Bon Appetit!

One City 
A-GF-08, Sky Park, Ground Floor, One City @ USJ 25, Subang Jaya
For Bookings or enquiries: +6016-6228657 / +6013-8862868
Operation Hours
Sun – Thurs: 11.30am – 1.00am
Fri – Sat: 11.30am – 2.00am 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I have been reading several other food bloggers reviewing this product, and with vege options available on this website , my colleagues and me decided to try it out too.

Kimnana Bento are quite new to the market here. They are home/office delivery of healthy bento sets /Lunch box for all those Japanese food lovers as well those who are looking for healthy food. Whats good is the delivery charge is FREE!

There are 3 options in the vege club menu and one more vegetarian under the Dutch Bento Pizza.

We opted for 2 of the vege club options. Ordering was super easy online and we can choose to pay cash on delivery. You have to order before 5.30 pm the day before for next day delivery.
SMS is sent to your phone to confirm order and then also to say that the food is on the way. Thats very courteous so we don't wait and wait...

The delivery is to the main lobby of the office so I went down to pick it up. Pleasantly surprised that the food was still warm and nice.

The Korean Style Bibimbap looked very interesting . 5 different type of dishes resting on a bed of rice.

They had greens, some stir-fried mushrooms, corn, peanuts , cabbage and fried vegetarian chicken in the middle with a splash of gravy. Portion was quite big.

Unfortunately it was rather salty and my colleague  had much difficulty finishing up the food.Something she didn't expect. Lacking Uummph!

I ordered the Fried Abalone Mushroom with SzeChuan Sauce. It had fried mushrooms, green beans, steamed tofu, shredded carrots and vegetarian chicken.

Taste was ok for me. Didn't blow me away. I found the szechuan sauce too little and because there was no soup accompaniment, the whole ensemble was rather dry. I had to steal the gravy from my friends bibimbap dish. Maybe some pointers for them to improve in future.

At the end of the whole meal, we both decided that for RM10.90 , although affordable and free delivery, it was not worth going for second time.  But we probably chose the wrong two options. Maybe will try again the Vege Dutch pizza next time and recover from the disappointment.

The ingredients used by Kimnana Bento probably are fresher and healthier , and hence the boxed lunch would be a hit among some of you.

From the reviews of the other non vege bloggers, they seemed happy with their meal, so why don't you guys try it out yourselves. The other bigger bento sets come with tea as well, that was a real plus point.

Bon Appetit


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Morgansfield's Sunway Pyramid

We walked in to Morgansfield after seeing it on Offpeak. Little did we realize we were actually walking into a total Pork joint, that is so famous for their sticky bones and pork ribs. **clueless we were** . But thats the challenge isn't it. What can this hippo find to eat in this sty? :-)

We went just around lunch time and crowd was less. I guess with the relaxed setting and bar, more people come here after work to unwind.

I checked with the friendly staff what vege options i had, and he said apart from the Salad , there is only one other main and lots of sides. Not bad!
Skimming through the menu, i found 2 salads . Waldorf Salad ( RM21.90) and Fruity Garden Salad ( RM18.90)

A number of meatless sides available  as well as mushroom soup.

And the main meal is the one and only vegetable sandwich ( RM24.90).This comes with caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, cheddar and feta cheese in a Ciabatta bread with tortilla chips and fruit salsa. I was skeptical until it came.

 OMG was my reaction. It looked so pleasing to the eye, i couldn't wait to dig in.

The light layer of cheddar blanketed the tender mushrooms and they were topped up with a lovely sesame mayo sauce. Underneath the blanket lay also the sweetest caramelized onions. The cubed feta cheese added the necessary saltiness to entire ensemble with warm toasted ciabatta.

Definitely needs a revisit for me here, though the choices i have is so so limited. But at least the pigs didn't leave the hippos starving :-)

For the carnivores, they actually have a very good set lunch available . For Rm16.90, you get a main + soup and drink. Portions are not as large the ones you order ala carte, but good enough for one pax.

Oh kids eat free here too for every Main meal ordered on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays...

Bon appetit.

Its on the outer side of Pyramid, facing Johnny Rockets.

OB.K8, Ground Floor
T: +603 5612 9028

Friday, March 18, 2016

Simplyd Nu Sentral

I've been frequenting this place quite a few times now, but never got a chance to blog about it. We went again today because the kids love the soft serve ice cream and also we were just around the area. Simplyd is situated in Nu Sentral at the Ground Level , just behind the Levi's Store and you need to walk on the outer area to reach this shop. Its in the same row as Starbucks.

The reason this place is close to my heart, is that nothing beats the convenience , when a restaurant can label vegetarian/meatless options for us vegetarians . Simplyd nailed this perfectly.

Almost every section of the Menu, be it appetizers, pasta, burger or sandwich, there would be at least one ( V) sign. How so convenient. Bless you people, Simplyd.

You get what i mean :-)

The decor inside is in bold two toned colours. Black and Orange. The plates and bowls too. But it doesn't bring one bit of monotony to the atmosphere. Its large windowed walls provides ample light for patrons to feel comfy.

This place runs lots of promotions, their current one is on fries from different countries.

The last time i went, they had run an avacado promo. I had the Avacado pesto with Avacado shake. This is the plus point, There is always a good roll of options.

This time, i tried the simple roasted garlic oglio olio with sundried tomatoes. A bit dry ,  taste was light with lots of paremesan shavings.

And this is the reason my kids visit this place.

There are two flavors every day and it changes all the time. This softserve doesn't taste like any others. Its smooth and doesnt linger too long on the tongue..Not so creamy and sweet like McD's, the kids and me hardly get the thirsty after effect taste. It sometimes even feels like a pinch of salt went in there to get it where it is.  Recipe to be discovered.....

So try this place out, let me know what you think. Oh i must add. You might feel some dishes lacking bits of salt, spice, heat or pepper. Its up to you to add how much you want...

Bon Appetit Folks.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Five Minutes Overnight Oats

I'm not sure how many of you have joined this latest craze of overnight oats, i certainly have. When you google it up, it looks super yummy and easy to make, but juggling between kids and weekday dinners, school work, this simple creation gets procrastinated more often than not.

What is overnight oats you ask? Its a type of breakfast /lunch/dinner meal that is healthy ,made of oats as its key ingredient. The magic is what other little flavors and textures that you can add to make it much more flavorful. You basically leave the rolled oats overnight , with milk/water/soy milk and then add fruits, nuts and all. The probability of creations are infinity.

Lucky for Five Minutes who came over to my office for a roadshow that introduced me to this wholly organic, vegan and uses all natural products. Their tagline is "Flavoured by Nature" . Cute and apt.

                                                      ( Pic courtesy from FiveMinutes )

With about 5 flavours to choose from, you wont get bored if you had it every weekday in office.They have Banana ( Morning Blow) , Pomegranate ( Forever Young), Nuts ( Crunchy Browns), Mango (Hard Sweetie) and a Flavour of the month ( Miracles). This month, this was Honey Dew.

Priced at RM5 for a tub of 150g, 266kcal and made of pure natural products, it was certainly a good deal.

I got the Mango and Honey Dew. It was indeed a good buy. The texture was smooth, yet crunchy. It was a pot of organic rolled oats, organic chia seeds, coconut milk, organic raw honey, organic sunflower seeds and organic raisins. Taste was not overly sweet but just nice. Gave me energy for a good 3 to 4 hours.

Easy way out for a super busy working woman like me instead of grabbing that oil covered roti canai.. They deliver free to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya for now and for other areas, there is a minimal delivery charge.

This nutrient rich meal has a short shelf life, due to its all natural products. 1 day if left outside and 3 days in the fridge.  Makes sense.

So folks, do contact FiveMinutes for your dose of Overnight Oats today. Try it for yourself. It is after all beneficial to our health.

Bon Appetit..

You can contact them +6010 2267865
or on facebook :

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Onde One Sunway Putra Mall

We were at Matta Fair last weekend,feeling tired after looking at all the promotions, we decided to walk across to Sunway Putra Mall for a quick bite. We haven't been there since it was refurbished and boy were we pleasantly surprised. It was a great uplift here and the mood, was great. We headed straight to the info board to find our usual spot of Mcdonalds which we frequent every Matta fair visit. NO Mcd on the board. And in the fast food tab, nothing at all. My my, this place must be encouraging good healthy food. No offence to any fast food joints. I am, after all, an Mcd addict.

We passed by this nice looking place called Onde Onde on the 1st floor with a catchy advert.
Tea Time Tiffin for Rm15.90 , available from 3pm to 7pm. Perfecto.

We get all 4 trays and it said set of 4 serves up to 4 pax. Although it was only Ragu and me, how filling can a bunch of kuih get us.

The set comes with a combination of savory and sweet treats. Savory comes
1) Deep fried vegetable fritters ( Meatless)
2) Cucur Udang ( non vege)
3) Yam Cake/Sago Kelapa ( latter is vege)
4) Keropok Lekor ( non vege)

Sweet comes with
1) Kuih Lapis ( vege)
2) Pulut Inti ( vege)
3) Golden Banana Fritters with gula melaka ( vege)

First up, good ol' pisang goreng served with Gula Melaka. The Banana's were not too sweet , so the sugar syrup complimented it really nicely. It was not too oily like some.

Then comes the yummy, beautiful and colorful sweet treat.

The Sago kuih was to be coated with the desiccated coconut,and when we did it, it was a marriage of perfection, Coconut was pure, slightly salty and when chewing it together with the soft sago, we went numb.
The kuih lapis was light and tasty, just like the originals from our childhood days. And the same was for the pulut inti. For both of us, it was like jogging back to our younger years in Sungai Petani.

Ragu said pulut udang was super tasty too. By this dish, we were quite full up.

Then came the last installment, the fried savory.

Vege fritters lacked a pinch of salt but when paired with the tangy Thai Chili Sauce, it didn't matter any more. Lekor was fish, so i had to skip it. All in all , we were stuffed for our tea time. We skipped dinner later , and never imagined we could be so full.

So head up to Onde Onde , next time you are in the area during tea time. I can assure you, it will be a good time and money spent trip.

Bon Appetit

Waterfront @ Parkcity
  •  GF-03A, Ground Floor, Waterfront @ Parkcity 5 Persiaran Residen, Desa Park City 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Business Hours : 7:30am to 12:00am | Tel : +603 6261 8286

  • Citta Mall

    •  G-49, Ground Floor, CITTA MALL, No.1 Jalan PJU 1A/48 Jalan PJU 1, Ara Damansara 47301 Petaling Jaya Selangor Malaysia
    • Business Hours : 7:30am to 12:00am | Tel : +603 7832 5551

    • Putra Mall

      •  1-31&32, Level 1, Sunway Putra Mall, 100 Jalan Putra 50350 Kuala Lumpur
      • Business Hours : 9:30am to 10:00pm | Tel : +603 4051 186